In April 2017, the Larry Head Institute merged with Trusted Neurodiagnostics Academy.  If you were enrolled in a course on the Larry Head website that has not been transferred please email

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What our customers are saying:

  • Cindy:  "I want to thank Starr, our star for teaching us, Jen for putting up with us, and Ronny for getting those HUGE Publix subs (I'm still full)....Thanks for all your help.  This has been a great weekend in ATL!!!"


  • Maegan: "Hi Jen!  The course was awesome!  I am studying away!   My test is Saturday and I feel so much better prepared after taking your course!"


  • Richard: "The Spinal Diseases section helped to shed light for me on the physical exams used to check for spinal disease (i.e. Hoffman's, Babinski) and was very thorough in describing Marie Charot Tooth, Myasthenia Gravis, and Wallerian Degeneration.  Very well written."


  • Scott: "I am impressed and have learned a lot so far.  This is both challenging and informative.  The anatomy layout is great and you touch on the important topics pertaining to our occupation."

Trusted Neurodiagnostics Academy has partnered with the Larry Head Institute to provide you with outstanding education and training options.