LHI Online EEG Board Prep Part 2 © 26 ASET CEUs



Congratulations on successfully passing Part 1. Now let’s get started to help you reach that final goal of R. EEG T.

Just like Part 1 Part 2 is not just another book to read. Study at your own pace as you watch Larry thoroughly explain each EEG topic in this online VIDEO course.

This comprehensive board preparation course will prepare the experienced technologist for Part 2 of the American Board of Electroencephalographic and Evoked Potential Technologists (ABRET®) EEG credential examination.

Part 2 consists of 200 written multiple choice questions. Larry Head Institute’s Board Preparation course follows the ABRET outline.

Course Outline:

Effect of Neurological Disorders on EEG

Considerations in the Recording

EEG Recording and Pattern Recognition

Modification of Recording Strategy

20% (40 questions)

10% (20 questions)

40% (80 questions)

30% (60 questions)