Patient History in Neurodiagnostics

In this episode Jen, Meshia, and Petra discuss taking a thorough patient history. Petra explains that when they are taking the history on a pediatric patient the following questions need to be asked: Was the patient born on time or premature? (late doesn't matter) What was the gestational age or pre-menstrual age of the patient? [...]

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Filters in the Neurodiagnostics Field

In this episode Jen and Meshia welcome back Petra Davidson to discuss questions we've received on filters. Petra gives a very broad definition of filters as electronic curtains that we employ to cut out unwanted electrical signals. An EEG is a drawing, the graph part, of the electrical signals originating from the cortex of the [...]

Filters in the Neurodiagnostics Field2019-01-06T10:16:30-05:00

Hyperventilation Contraindications with Petra Davidson – 003

In this episode Jennifer Legler and Meshia Miller interview Petra Davidson, BS, R EEG T, R EP T, FASET with some contraindications to hyperventilation some of our EEG students asked. Links talked about in the show: ASET Tech Tips ANS/BSCN Guidelines to Hyperventilation During EEG Recordings Hyperventilation during electroencephalography: Safety and efficacy American Clinical Neurophysiology [...]

Hyperventilation Contraindications with Petra Davidson – 0032018-11-15T07:20:45-05:00


When we started our careers in IOM, 10+ years ago we were thrown into the OR with little to no formal training. Without access to a quality program and no guidance, we struggled to pass the CNIM exam. As we grew in our careers that time was never far from our minds and we don’t want new technologists to have the same struggles we did.

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