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LTM Board Prep – a Comprehensive, Guaranteed Board Prep Course

Instructor Credentials

LTM Exam Prep (Long Term Monitoring) will provide the resources needed to prepare for the CLTM® exam.  Our instructors compiled materials based on the exam and more than 20 years experience in Neurodiagnostics.  Our instructors have experience performing EEGs, ambulatory studies, remote long term monitoring and teaching.

Course  Offerings

The course will not only aide the learner in preparing for the LTM exam, it will improve the learner’s knowledge of all areas of long term EEG monitoring.  LTM Exam Prep covers inpatient, outpatient and ambulatory cEEG (continuous EEG monitoring).  LTM Exam Preparation addresses safety issues regarding patient privacy, physical and chemical safety as well as critical values addressing this particular population.

LTM Exam Prep prepares the learner for working with SPECT scans, MEG and WADA testing. Standard electrodes, imaging compatible and surgically implanted depths and grid electrodes. Unlike test prep courses designed to just get an individual through a course, this course will help the learner improve their technical prowess and their daily skills in the EMU/LTM workplace.


In order to be successful in this course, the learner should not only be a R. EEG T. and have at least 6-9 months of experience in EEG, but already be familiar with the following topics:

  • Basic EEG terminology
  • Basic computer networking
  • Basic medical terminology
  • International 10-20 System of Head Measurement

Course Topics

LTM Exam Prep will cover:

Additional Tools

LTM Exam Prep pairs well with LTM related articles from The Neurodiagnostic Journal, ASET LTM publications, ASET LTM flash cards found online at The ABRET created tool, ASAP, can be another helpful tool.

The Trusted Neurodiagnostics Academy Guarantee

At Trusted Neurodiagnostics Academy, we guarantee that our classes will produce successful results to pass the board exams. Unlike other courses, we will allow you to extend your access to the LTM Exam Prep course if you completed it prior to taking your exam and do not pass the exam.

TDA/LHI Pass Guarantee – At Trusted Neurodiagnostics Academy  we consider ourselves successful only when our students are successful.

Online Courses:  If, after completing one of our online board preparation courses, you do not pass the registration exam, just email us a copy of your letter from ABRET and we will extend your access to the online materials until you pass. IMPORTANT NOTE: Pass Guarantee only applies to students that complete the online course prior to testing.