Technical and Troubleshooting © 20 ASET CEUs

Course Objectives:

This course covers programming and troubleshooting needed in IOM.  SSEPs, Spontaneous EMG, and Triggered EMG will cover the guidelines and knowledge need for the CNIM and the IOM field.

We use the following books:

Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases by Hal Blumenfeld, MD (1st Edition or 2nd Edition) throughout this course. The publisher is offering a 15% discount when you purchase through their site. Of course Amazon carries both editions as well.

Evoked Potential Monitoring in the Operating Room by Marc Nuwer chapter 2,  Amazon carries the book.

Essentials of Clinical Neurophysiology by Karl E Misulis Chapter 7, Amazon carries the book.

Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring by Aage Moller, Chapter 18, Chapter 7. Amazon carries this book.



You will have access to the course for 360 days from the date of purchase.

Course Lessons:

Troubleshooting and Artifact

Surgical Events

Triggered EMG

Spontaneous EMG





When we started our careers in IOM, 10+ years ago we were thrown into the OR with little to no formal training. Without access to a quality program and no guidance, we struggled to pass the CNIM exam. As we grew in our careers that time was never far from our minds and we don’t want new technologists to have the same struggles we did.

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