Welcome to the first episode of TNA Brain Waves.  In this episode Jen and Meshia will cover the FAQ’s we get regarding the ABRET exam.

What are the requirements for the ABRET exam?  You can find it on ABRET and go to Candidates and drop down to which exam you would like to sit for and determine what pathway is right for you.  On this site you can also see what the exam fee currently is as well.

We have posted the guidelines needed on our site.

We discuss the CNIM board prep specifically for this episode.  We used the ABRET outline to create all of our Board Prep courses, EEG, EP and CNIM.  Meshia discusses taking the CNIM exam in December 2017 and her pointers that she found from taking the exam.  Jen and Meshia talk about the importance of going through the guidelines in great detail and what you need to study.  They also talk about how the ABRET exam is set up, that it is a 4 hour exam and that you will receive a blank piece of paper.  The first thing they mentioned is to brain dump on the paper as soon as you come into the testing center.  The exam is timed, so this is a good time saver as you  go through the test.

Some of the test tips that Jen recommend is to jump around in the exam and do the questions that you right off the bat.  Not only will this keep your confidence high, but it will help save time for the questions that you need a bit more time on.  When you go back through the exam to make sure you answered all the questions, but refrain from changing the answer.  Meshia wrote down each question she wasn’t sure about so she made sure she didn’t miss any questions.

The plan is for Trusted Neurodiagnostics Academy to continue to host podcasts.  We need some input on what you would like to hear about on future episodes – shoot us an email here: CONTACT US or email us at [email protected]