Code of Conduct - IOM

Congratulations on taking the first step towards becoming an IOM technologist.  We are a pending ABRET® recognized program meaning that you will need to meet the following qualifications to earn the Certificate of Completion required to sit for your exam under Pathway 4:

1.   Final grade must be an 80% or higher

2.  Complete 500 clinical hours (built into the program)

3.  Preceptor MUST possess a CNIM and must be verifiable through ABRET®.  If your preceptor is not a CNIM you will NOT earn your Certificate of Completion.

  • Student will be responsible for providing sufficient internet and a working computer to complete the necessary assignments.
  • Students will be responsible for reading and understanding the requirements for each lesson.
  • Homework must be submitted by 2359 Sunday to get full credit. Late homework submitted within that week will be accepted with a 20% penalty off the final grade. Homework submitted later than 1 week will have an additional 10% penalty per week off the final grade. It is your responsibility to make sure the homework was successfully uploaded.
  • Students will be responsible for uploading homework as an assignment.
  • Students will be responsible for checking the Gradebook on a regular basis.
  • Students are responsible to securing a CNIM as a preceptor once clinicals begin.  If your preceptor is not a CNIM you will not receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.
1) Assignments must be completed on time, in proper format (.doc/.pages), in their entirety
2) Clinical rotations must be completed per agreement - timely, professionally, according to ABRET requirements
3) Communication with instructors must be addressed weekly.
4) Any delays or deferrals on assignments, rotations or communication must be submitted in writing via email to your instructors. 
1) Lack of coursework and no response to instructor within 5 business days will result in a written warning.
2) Lack of coursework and no response to instructor within 15 business days will result in dismissal from the program.
3) All students will be expected to complete payment in full even if dismissed from the program because of violation of the above expectations. 

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