IOM Program


The Trusted Neurodiagnostics Academy IOM Program is an online 14 months didactic and clinical program. Once completed, students will be proficient in the foundational IOM knowledge and clinical skills to move into the workforce. This program is an ABRET® recognized program and will allow students to take their IOM board exams through Pathway 4 upon successful completion of the course.  

Application Process

  • Complete online application and upload resume
  • Submit 1 letter of recommendation
  • Complete an online Zoom interview

Program Cost

  • $7500 – payment plan options available


  • Applications continually being accepted
  • Classes begin: First Monday of each month

New Classes Begin The 1st Monday of Every Month

TNA Clinical IOM Program

🧠 Comprehensive Training: Dive into key IONM concepts through 14 months of engaging didactic and clinical sessions.

🎓 Program Goals: Understand intraoperative roles, uphold ethical standards, and stay updated on industry changes.

🚀 Your Path to Success: Monthly readings, quizzes, assignments, and office hours keep you on track, ensuring a solid foundation in IONM. A cumulative final exam pave the way to graduation. Achieve 80% or higher to succeed!

👥 Hands-On Experience: Gain 500+ clinical hours, building confidence to independently run IONM studies and communicate effectively with surgical teams.

Flexible Schedule: With a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week, balance your studies with other commitments.

Application Process:

  • Complete online application, submit a resume and 1 letter of recommendation
  • Complete an online Zoom interview.
  • Program Payment Plans – We strive to provide affordable education for technologists. Payment Plans are available.

Which IOM Course is right for you?

ABRET® has different pathways to allow you to be eligible to sit for the CNIM® exam

IOM Foundations PLUS

Foundations PLUS is ideal for the technologist that is already qualified to sit for the ABRET® board exam through Pathway 2 or 3. This course has been developed to combine the basic IOM knowledge necessary to be a quality IOM Technologist as well as what is required to successfully pass the ABRET® CNIM® Exam.